BLINDSPACE Update (Cover and release delay)

I’m not much of a blogger. Never been one for talking about how I’m going to do something; I’d rather just go ahead and do it. But I’ve been on holiday for the past few days and I’m itching to get back at the keyboard, and thought I should do a little update.

The bad news out of the way: if you’re not already aware, BLINDSPACE’s original release date of April 2021 has been pushed back to October 2021. This was a mutual decision by me and my editor. Unlike STORMBLOOD, I’ve had to do major, major structural edits on top of rewriting and reoutlining entire chunks of the book. BLINDSPACE barely resembles what I originally outlined, and that’s a good thing. Characters demanded to be written and introduced and given arcs, plot threads wanted to be expanded upon, and aspects of world-building begged to be explored. And while I’m an outliner at heart, I do firmly believe that books need to be written the way they want to be. And having a narrative evolve organically is its own magic that simply can’t be captured or forced, no matter how much you plan ahead. So changes have had to be made.

This means that BLINDSPACE will be an infinitely better book that firmly reflects my vision. It also means it’s going to take time to give it that final, extra polish.

Sure, what I have now is publishable. But I swore I’d never, ever betray my own work by handing in second-rate prose when I knew I could do better. And having been blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response to STORMBLOOD, I’m more determined than ever to have BLINDNSPACE match and surpass the first book’s quality.

It’s been a tough book to write, and even harder to edit. But the bastard has my full attention and I’ll be punching out words like a machine this summer. It’ll be in your hands no later than October 2021, that I promise you.

Now. The good news. The cover for BLINDSPACE dropped and what a thing of beauty it is. I’ll let the picture itself do the talking, but suffice to say the team at Blacksheep have outdone themselves in every capacity. The cover also strongly hints at the direction the book will be taking. . .


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