I Now Haz Agent!

If you didn’t see my raging howls over social media, it’s that I NOW HAZ A LITERARY AGENT.

I am now represented by John Jarrold of the John Jarrold Literary Agency, and my film/TV rights represented by Julie Kane-Ritsch of The Gotham Group. John Jarrold picked up my space opera/murder mystery noir novel called THE ROGUE GALAXY, with a strong blend of Scandinavia noir and a body count in the triple figures.

John Jarrold edited and acquired novels by Michael Moorcock, Iain M. Banks, and Robert Jordan, and his current clients include John Gwynne, James Bennett, and Melinda Snodgrass, who I now share an agency with. He also represents Adam Nevill, whose novel The Ritual is releasing as a feature film this October.

It’s not about rubbing shoulders with the big folks (well, maybe a little), but more about the assurance that someone who’s worked with these giants know their stuff, and that you and your project be in good, safe hands.

I spoke with John Jarrold over the phone and felt he was the best one to represent my work. I had interest from other agents, but went with John in the end. But these other agents were so gracious and polite, some telling me that while they didn’t think they had the right contacts to sell it, or didn’t connect with it entirely, they were fans and couldn’t wait to pick it off the shelves one day. There’s so little indication if you’re Doing It Right, and it’s a relief when you get picked up.

But yeah. Agent! We’re going to start doing edits soon, and then it’s off to publishers and I’m absolutely over the moon about this. Thanks again to everyone who beta read the novel, helped revise the query, gave me advice, or just cheered along from the sidelines. It all helped and I’m very pleased to be here now.

New story in Nature!

Just after a few weeks of it being accepted, my story “When There’s Only Dust Left” has dropped in Nature magazine, my fourth with them (I’m still reeling over how I managed to get my greasy paws inside the magazine at all). It deals with war, AIs, reality, and had a very strong dose of horror in it, maybe more than most of my other stories do.

The art is amazing, as always. The guy that did the art for this story did the art for Alien: Covenant on Empire magazine’s cover, which is super cool. I invite you to check out his (Jacey’s) portfolio).



Anywho, you can check out the story here, or pick up a copy of Nature’s May 11, 2017 issue from your local retailer, if they have it. Hope you enjoy it.

Happy reading!

Things That Are Happening: A Szal Story

I start almost every blog with: it’s been a while. I should blog more. So that’s what I’m doing.

As some of you know, I finished a novel last week. It’s sitting aside while I work on other projects, including polishing up my query letter and chapters for my previous novel. Again. But that’s the way it is.

I did allow myself a small break, though. I binge-watched True Detective (Season 1) and 13 Reasons Why, the latter of which I have one more episode to go on. Both are phenomenal shows. True Detective gets better on the second watch once you know where everything is heading. 13 Reasons is a show I would have adored when I was in high-school, and wished I’d gotten my paws on the book back then.

But on the subject of actual work: I’ve had a few things happen. I’m now writing for the awesome Fantasy-Faction! They saw my Tor.com post and asked me to join the team, which I did with my debut publication by way of a review.


A review of the French teenage cannibal film Raw, to be specific. It’s good and gruesome and full of tasty food for thought. Not for everyone, though. Obviously. You can check out my review here.

My story “System Reboot” landed itself a Polish translation in the magazine Szortal alongside Jarosław Grzędowicz, who’s (almost) the Polish George R. R. Martin. Nice to know folks in other countries are reading your work. You can check that out here.

And finally, I sold another story to Nature, which should be appearing this Thursday, I believe. It’s dark, as most of my stories are, and deals with some pretty heavy imagery that I wasn’t sure would pass my editors by. I’m not a horror writer, but this comes pretty close. I do hope you’ll check it out when it comes around.

I’ve also got two invitations to anthologies, one of which is paying pro-rates, so I’d best be working on that one. Ain’t no rest for the wicked.