So. This is my entire collection of short fiction, nonfiction, reviews and articles work that’s been published. I may have a few scraps loose here and there, but overall I do believe this is everything I’ve written. Short fiction at the top, reviews and nonfiction at the very bottom…


“Loveless” (forthcoming 2020)

“Inkskinned” (forthcoming 2018)
– Shades Within Us: Tales of Migrations and Fractured Borders (Laska Media Group, ed. Lucas K. Law and Susan Forest

“Ark of Bones”
StarShipSofa, Episode 509, narrated by Mikael Naramore (District of Wonders Network)

“The Human I Never Was”
-Every Day Fiction, July 22, 2017

House of Dolls
Tales to Terrify episode 277, audio – narrated by Dan Rabarts. (District of Wonders Network, ed. Stephen Kilpatrick, Scott Silk, Philip Oldham)

“When There’s Only Dust Left”
– Nature, Volume 545,  May 11 2016, (Nature Publishing Group/Macmillan, ed. Colin Sullivan)

“The dataSultan of Streets and Stars”
Where the Stars Rise: Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories (Laska Media Group, ed. Lucas Law and Derwin Mak)

“Walls of Nigeria”
Nature, Volume 536, August 2016 (Nature Publishing Group/Macmillan, ed. Colin Sullivan)
– Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, PoC Takeover Issue (ed. Warren Lapine) (Read)
– Sub-saharan Magazine
(ed. Walter Dinjos)
– 600 Saga, S2, e18 (audio – listen)

“The Galaxy’s Cube”
Abyss and Apex, Issue 58:  2nd Quarter 2016 (ed. Wendy S. Delmater)
Science Fiction World (Reprint – Chinese Translation – July 2016 Issue)
The Overcast (Reprint – Audio adaptation – read and ed. J. S. Arquin)
Dystopia Utopia (Reprint, Flame Tree Press – September 2016)
Expanded Horizons (Reprint, Issue 53)
Kasma SF (Reprint)
Axxon (Reprint – Spanish Translation)
– Reviewed at SFRevu

“The Not-So Helpful Unit”
Perihelion Science Fiction, October 2016 (ed. Sam Bellotto Jr.)

Skies of Sand and Steel
Fantasy Scroll Magazine, Issue 12 2016 (Fantasy Scroll  Press LLC, ed. Iulian Ionsecu).

The Bronze Gods
Dimension6, June 2016 (coeur de lion publishing, ed. Keith Stevenson)
– Writer’s of the Future, 1st Quarter, Honourable Mention, (2015).

System Reboot
– Nature, Volume 527, November 2015 (Nature Publishing Group/Macmillan, ed. Colin Sullivan)
Nature Arabic Edition, January 2016 (Arabic Translation). (Read)

“Daega’s Test”
Nature Physics: Futures, Volume 11, May 2015, (Nature Publishing Group/Macmillan, ed. Colin Sullivan).
Szortal, Issue TBA, (Reprint – Polish Translation)

Last Age of Kings
Fantasy Scroll Magazine, Issue #10, 2015 (Fantasy Scroll  Press LLC, ed. Iulian Ionsecu).
Far Fetched Fables, Episode 123 (audio – narrated by Mark Kilfoil) (ed. Gary Dowell, Nicola Clark)
– Reviewed at Quick Sips Review.

“Old Blood”
– Saturday Night Reader, 1st September 2015, (ed. Suzanne Lucas).
Far Fetched Fables, Episode 107, 2016 (audio – narrated by Anthony Babington) (ed. Gary Dowell, Nicola Clark)

– Perihelion Science Fiction, May 2015, (ed. Sam Bellotto Jr.).
Science Fiction World (Reprint – Chinese Translation – October 2016 Issue)

The Drabblecast, Episode 381, 2016 (audio) (ed. Norm Sherman)

“A Dome of Chrome”
– Writers of the Future Contest, 2nd Quarter, Honourable Mention.
– On The Premises Magazine, Issue #23, Honourable Mention. (read)
– The New Accelerator, Issue #2. (Buy)

“Murder of Crows”
AntipodeanSF, Issue #197, 2014 (ed. Ion Newcombe).

“Without A Trace”
-Microhorror, Friday 13, 2014,

“The Dry Above”
– AntipodeanSF, Issue #192, 2014 (ed. Ion Newcombe).

“Human Studies”
– Silver Apples Magazine, Modern Mythology Issue #1, 2014.
– Silent Fray, We Come In Peace Anthology, 2014.

“Contact Zero”
– Quantum Fairy Tales, Issue 7, 2014. (Read)
– Bewildering Stories, Issue 576, 2014. (Read)
– Bards and Sages Quarterly, October 2014. (Buy

“A Hunter’s Wrath”
Bewildering Stories, Issue 571, 2014.

“Heart of Steel”

Every Day Fiction, March 13, 2014. (Read)/(Listen)
Bete Noire, Issue #20.
Evil Girlfriend Media. (Read)
Parsec Award 2014 Nominee for Best Speculative Fiction Story.

“Aliens Ate My Anti-Grav Speeder”
– Robot and Raygun, Issue 2, 2014. (Buy)

“Crimson Snow”
– Short Story Me, 2014.
– UNSWeetened 2014 Anthology.


Explaining Cthulhu To Grandma and Other Stories, Strange Horizons, (2015). (Read)

Chappie, Strange Horizons, (2015). (Read)

Predestination, Strange Horizons (2015). (Read)

Half A War, Fantasy Scroll Magazine Issue #9, 2015 (Fantasy Scroll Press LLC, ed. Iulian Ionsecu) (Read)

Half The World, Fantasy Scroll Magazine Issue #6, 2015 (Fantasy Scroll Press LLC, ed. Iulian Ionsecu). (Read)

2001: A Space Odyssey, Fantasy Scroll Magazine Issue #6, 2015 (Fantasy Scroll Press LLC, ed. Iulian Ionsecu). (Read)

The Falcone Throne, Grimdark Magazine Issue #2, 2015, (ed. Adrian Collins). (Buy)

Half A King, Fantasy Scroll Magazine Issue #4, 2014, (Fantasy Scroll Press LLC, ed. Iulian Ionsecu).  (Read)

Batman: Arkham Origins (Tharunka, Volume 60, No.1) (2014). (Read)

Bioshock: Infinite (Blitz, Week 13) (2014). (Read)


We’re Going PlacesPeople of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction/Lightspeed, Issue 73, June 2016, (edited by Nalo Hopkinson, Kristine Ong Muslim, Sunil Patel, and John Joseph Adams).
– Winner of the British Fantasy Award – Best Anthology

Grit In Your Controller: Grimdark and Gaming“, Grimdark Magazine Issue #3, 2015 (co-written with Layla Cummins, ed. Adrian Collins).

EveryDayFiction, What Makes a Good Podcast? (2015).

Sci-fi Signal, Stories that Predicted the Future (Or Didn’t) (2015).

Sci-fi Signal, Characters That Will Still Be Around in the 22nd century (2015)



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  2. I’ve spent the morning reading through all of your shorts. You are a very talented author. I hope you find an agent. 🙂

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