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I was born in 1995 in the outback of Australia and was raised by wild dingos. Now, I’m a science-fiction author who writes about weird and wonderful futures.

I’m the author of the Common Saga, a space opera/spacepunk/gothic SF series that consists of Stormblood, Blindspace, and Wolfskin, about the DNA of an extinct alien race that makes humans addicted to adrenaline and aggression, making millions hooked on their own body chemistry. The books are published by Gollancz in the UK and US, and Hachette in Australia and New Zealand.

My short fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Nature, Tor.com, Abyss & Apex, Grimdark Magazine, Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, The Drabblecast and many anthologies. My work has appeared in nine languages.

Until 2020, I was the fiction editor for Hugo-winning StarShipSofa, where I’ve worked with and served as audio producer for George R. R. Martin, William Gibson, Harlan Ellison, Christopher Priest, Joe R. Lansdale, Robin Hobb, Jack Campbell, Joe Haldeman, Kim Stanley Robinson, Dan Abnett, Joe Abercrombie, and hundreds of other talented authors and narrators. Episodes that I’ve worked on can be found here.

I have a BA in Film Studies and Creative Writing from the University of New South Wales. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter, on Goodreads and Amazon and IMDB. . You can also buy me a coffee here.

I am represented by John Jarrold of the John Jarrold Literary Agency. My short fiction film/TV rights are represented by Julie Kane-Ritsch of The Gotham Group. My film/TV rights for my novels are managed by Susan Howe at Orion Publishing.

Press kits, and a longer “about me” story can be found below.

Press Kit:

30 words:

Jeremy Szal is the author of many short stories and the space opera novel STORMBLOOD, coming from Gollancz in June 2020. He lives in Sydney, Australia. Get in touch at jeremyszal.com or @jeremyszal

50 words:

Jeremy Szal was born in 1995 in the outback of Australia and raised by wild dingos. He is the author of many short stories and the space opera novel, STORMBLOOD, which was published by Gollancz in 2020 as the first of a trilogy. Find him at: jeremyszal.com or @JeremySzal.

100 words:

Jeremy Szal was born in 1995 and was raised by wild dingoes, which should explain a lot. He spent his childhood exploring beaches, bookstores, and the limits of people’s patience. He’s the author of the Common trilogy from Gollancz, which includes STORMBLOOD, BLINDSPACE, and WOLFSKIN, about a drug harvested from alien DNA that makes users permanently addicted to adrenaline and aggression. He’s the author of over fifty science-fiction short stories, translated into six languages. He was the editor for the Hugo-winning StarShipSofa until 2020 and has a BA in Film Studies and Creative Writing from UNSW. He carves out a living in Sydney, Australia with his family. He loves watching weird movies, collecting boutique gins, exploring cities, cold weather, and dark humour. Find him at https://jeremyszal.com/ or @JeremySzal


A larger headshot can be found here.


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  1. Hey Jeremy
    I noticed that your blog is a word press blog the same as mine. What is different however is the fact that you actually have viewers. How is this so? I am trying to get people to read my blog but so far all I got were four readers. I’m actually writing my blog as the fictional character Merrick Mc Cleud a Shaman and exorcist for hire. I wrote a book that talks all about him. I see your a fellow writer with multiple books under your belt along with other things. I would like to chat with you more if possible.

    I read your suicide squad review. It was interesting

    1. Hi mate,
      Can’t say. Probably because I’m “big” in other areas – I don’t just blog here, I’ve got stories and articles published in places like Nature, which links up and directs people here, which they follow me. At least that’s what I’m amusing happens.

      And thanks for the compliment…however I don’t have any novels published, only the aforementioned short fiction and articles. For what it’s worth: if you want to write, then write and send your stuff out there. That’s what I did and I’m here today.

      Have a good one,

  2. At last, after 65 years of being an S.C fan(started with War of the worlds book) then kindled with the 1958 movie The day the Earth stood Still (in tears when the Alian was shot by the US military). I have found a young Author who has really “tickled my fancy” with regard to S.F, Just love your fast pace and enticing descriptions of future worlds. Keep up the great work, (these comments come from an79 year young S.C fan in Queensland)

    1. Hey Patrick,
      Thank you so much for your kind words, mate! I’m so glad that folks of all ages and knowledge of the genre are still able to enjoy my little dottings. I’m happy the break-neck speed of my savage little world is up your alley.

  3. Loved Stormblood one of the best debut books I’ve read since Becky Chambers’ The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet. Simply huge. Awesome and the fact it was a fellow Aussie all the sweeter. Then Blindspace and what a ripper that was. Like Stormblood full hectic action, incredible characters that were fleshed out even more and stunning world building. Unfortunately now for the but, the worst ending I’ve had the misfortune of reading. I physically flung the book away so frigging disgusted was I in the ending. Obviously the story was not over, we all new this but to continue it this way nup I’m really not sure I’ll pick up the third so frustrated am I. I can think of so many alternative endings and yes I understand it’s your book but I’m just think you got it wrong. So angry was I that I immediately looked for a way to communicate to you and express the anger and frustration. I apologise Jeremy for the rant but I truly am frustrated to hell and Angry about the ending, while still loving the rest. Thanks for reading this:

    1. Hey Steve,
      My apologies for not responding earlier, I didn’t see this message until now!
      I’m very very glad you enjoyed Stormblood and Blindspace, apart from, well, the ending. Without spoiling it for those who haven’t read it: the ending was meant to be a punch in the gut that feels surprising, yet inevitable. It didn’t come about due to shock value or me wanting an explosive ending; it was deliberately written to reflect my vision for the story.

      It was also necessary for the events that follow, both immediately at the start of Book 3, and how it impacts certain character relationships. There will be consequences, for all parties involved. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you (hopefully!) pick up Wolfskin, Book 3. I have a plan, and I mean to carry it out to the bitter, bloody end.

      Thanks for reading, and sorry again for the late response!


      1. Thanks for the reply Jeremy and boy was it really March that I wrote that little tantrum. I’d like to apologise for the stridency of what I wrote but in my defence I’d identified strongly with the characters (a testimony to your writing) and was frustrated at not having the ending I thought they deserved. And of course I will be reading Book 3 but thanks again for your reply I meant what I said in the non-tantrum part of my email.

      2. HI Steve,
        No worries, mate. I understand the gut-reaction, and I am so very glad you’ve resonated so strongly with Vakov and Grim and all the rest of my characters. I’d rather solicit a strong reaction from a reader (whatever that reaction is) than a mere shrug or indifference, so I suppose I definitely succeeded in that department, at least for you.

        Thanks for reading! 🙂

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