The full (probably incomplete) list of episodes that I have produced and edited for StarShipSofa, and all the people I have worked with and/or associated with that episode. Sorted by story, author and narrator for the episode.For a more up to date list, you can find it here.

StarShipSofa Episode 360: “Bulk Food” by Peter Watts and Laurie Channer; narrated by Mark Nelson

StarShipSofa Episode 361: “The Mouse Ran Down” and “21st Century Girl” by Adrian Tchaikovsky, narrated by Al Barclay; “The Drained World” by Ian Watson, narrated by Tim Maroney.

StarShipSofa Episode 362: “I Love You Like Water” by Angela Slatter, narrated by Elizabeth Armancas; “About Face” by Matthew Sanborn Smith, narrated by Matthew Sanborn Smith.

StarShipSofa Episode 363: “Old Paint” by Megan Lindholm (Robin Hobb), narrated by Loulou Szal.

StarShipSofa Episode 364: “Schools of Clay” by Derek Kunksen, narrated by Veronica Giguere.

StarShipSofa Episode 365: “Unexpected Launch” by Alan Baxter, narrated by Nikolle Doolin.

StarShipSofa Episode 366: “Subduction” by Paul Berger, narrated by Mark Kilfoil; “Iron Privateers” by Alexander Burns, narrated by Anne-Marie Czajkowski.

StarShipSofa Episode 367: “Not Smart, Not Clever”, by E Saxey, narrated by Elizabeth Armancas; “Cycles” by Stephen V. Ramey, narrated by Amy H. Sturgis.

StarShipSofa Episode 368: “Digital Rights” by Brent Knowles, narrated by Nicola Seaton-Clark. Interview with Andy Weir.

StarShipSofa Episode 369: “Bots d’Armor” and “Mothers World” and “Dagger and Mask” by Cat Rambo, narrated by Kenny Park, Loulou Szal, Heidi Hotz.

StarShipSofa Episode 370: “Lullaby” by Anna North, narrated by Katherine Inskip

StarShipSofa Episode 371: “The Piratical Sabbital” by Ian Whates, narrated by Mark Kilfoil; “Silence in Florence” by Ian Creasey, narrated by Tim Maroney.

StarShipSofa Episode 372: “The Universe Reef” by Tobias S. Buckell, narrated by Nobilis Reed; “Carcinoma Angels” by Norman Spinrad, narrated by Mike Borris.

StarShipSofa Episode 373: “A Concert of Flowers” by Kate O’Connor, narrated by Marc Levinthal; “The Ballad of Sophie Nu” and “Potential” by Mark Lawrence, narrated by Anne-Marie Czajkowski.

StarShipSofa Episode 374: “The Memory-Setter’s Apprentice” by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, narrated by Ibba Armancas; “Alien Alley”, by Jim Hume, narrated by Mark Kilfoil.

StarShipSofa Episode 375: “No Place For a Hero”, by James Aquilone, narrated by Jen Watson.

StarShipSofa Episode 376: “The Fitter” by Timons Esaias, narrated by Nick Camm; “To My Father” by David G. Blake, narrated by Mark Kilfoil.

StarShipSofa Episode 377: “Mammals” by David D. Levine, narrated by the author.

StarShipSofa Episode 378: “Ninety-Five Percent Safe” by Caroline M. Yoachim, narrated by Marc Levinthal.

StarShipSofa Episode 379: “Neighbours” by Megan Lindholm, narrated by Pete Nixon.

StarShipSofa Episode 380: “The Line” by T.R. Napper, narrated by Mark Kilfoil.

StarShipSofa Episode 381: “A Forgone Conclusion,” by Connor and Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, narrated by Ian Sewell.

StarShipSofa Episode 382: “Discovering Life” by Kim Stanley Robinson, narrated by Krista Sirota; “Purple Mars”, narrated by Loulou Szal

StarShipSofa Episode 383: “Memories of Earth” by Neal Asher, narrated by Anne-Marie Czajkowski; “Recoper”, narrated by Amy H. Sturgis

StarShipSofa Episode 384: “Our Land Abounds” by David McDonald, narrated by Veronica Giguere.

StarShipSofa Episode 385: “The Bomb Thing” by KJ Kabza, narrated by Jonathan Sharp.

StarShipSofa Episode 386: “Stone to Stone, Blood to Blood” by Gwendolyn Clare, narrated by Jonathan Sharp.

StarShipSofa Episode 387: “Green is for Silence, Blue is for Voice, Red is for Whole, Black is for Choice” by Damien Angelica Walters, narrated by Anne-Marie Czajkowski.

StarShipSofa Episode 388: “Persephone Descending” by Derek Kunsken, narrated by Mark Kilfoil.

StarShipSofa Episode 389: “Men of Greywater Station” by George R. R. Martin and Howard Waldrop, narrated by Nick Camm.

StarShipSofa Episode 390: “Ticking” by Allen M. Steele, narrated by Matt Arnold. Interview with Ellen Datlow.




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