Q: Your book sounds awesome! How can I buy it?
A: Thanks! Head on over to the self-explanatory Buy STORMBLOOD page for your retailer off choice.

Q: Oh no! Your book isn’t available in my country! What do I do?
A: Book depository is an Amazon company that provides free shipping worldwide, and very solid prices. Check it out.

Q: Hang on, why isn’t your book available in the US? Do you just hate Americans?
A: No, I don’t. My book deal with Gollancz/Orion Publishing does not include the US. We’re still searching for a US publisher. But if that falls through, Hachette US will be publishing STORMBLOOD at some point in the near future. I’m not in control of when or where. If you need 500+ pages of alien DNA in your veins immediately, Book Depository (link above) has you covered.

Q: Can I buy a book from you directly?
A: No. I’m traditionally published. I’m not in charge of marketing/distributing/shipping/copyediting or producing my books. I do the one thing I’m good at: writing. Even if it wasn’t illegal to sell my own books, my publisher puts a lot of money into their products. They deserve their share of the sales.

Q: Would you be willing to do an interview/attend a convention/do this thing?
A: Let’s talk! Use the form on the Contact Me page.

Q: I’m interested in reprinting one of your short stories/asking you to write something/inviting you to an anthology.
A: Let’s chat! Use the form on the Contact Me page. Depending on the project, I may involve my literary agent (or even my film agents, if it comes to that). Get in touch and we’ll go from there.

Q: Are you still with StarShipSofa?
A: No, unfortunately, I quit in early 2020. My stint lasted six years and covered over 240 episodes of the podcast, but I’m no longer with them.

Q: Can I send you my book/manuscript for feedback?
A: Please don’t. My time is divided between various writing projects, and I can’t donate that to giving feedback to people I don’t know. I don’t like saying no, so please don’t ask. I do, however, occasionally post general publishing advice/feedback on reddit and Twitter.

Q: I like money. How much did you get paid for your book deal?
A: For some reason, people on the internet feel the need to ask me this time and time again. It’s too personal and I will not be giving that information out.

Q: Are you usually this grumpy in person?
A: Only if I haven’t had my morning coffee.


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