What’s next?

Things have been a little quite on the publishing front. Far quieter than I’d like. I haven’t sold much fiction in a while now. Almost fearing I’ve lost my touch. Of course, my energy has been focused primarily on my novel, which has received four partials and one full request to date (which I’m waiting to hear back on). And I’m targeting the pro/semi pro markets exclusively.

However, the nonfiction department has been pretty good. Really, really good. I recently sold to Strange Horizons and Grimdark Magazine in the form of reviews, and I have another review coming out from Fantasy Scroll Magazine in the near future, as well as writing up a article for Grimdark Magazine Issue #4. What about, may you ask? Well, that’s a secret. For now. But all shall be revealed soon enough.

In other news, after several months of holiday, I’m back at uni next week. Sigh. Two 13 week periods of essays, lectures, exams, notes, classes and more. Really exciting stuff. It is my final year, though. And if this whole thing with the agent goes well, I could even leave early and just write full time. That’s just a dream, of course. But it’s plausible.

My first novel had over 100+ rejections. No fulls, no partials, nothing but form rejections left right and center.

The very, very first query I sent out for this second novel received a partial request. Ultimately the agent said no, but it was still mind-blowing. And I’m not giving up. Not by a longshot.

I just hope you’re all there to see it through with me.


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