Pre-Order issue #2 of Grimdark Magazine today!

Layla Cummins

GdM issue #2 CoverSo, we’re nearing the new year and the second ever issue of Grimdark Magazine! It’s been a fun half a year getting to really know the main players in this particular subgenre of fantasy, and I’ve had the opportunity to read some truly great stories from new and established authors alike.

The following has been pinched from the GdM website and tweaked a little so it’s not a carbon copy. It’s not laziness; it’s just the holidays…

Coming up in issue #2 there are three short stories for your New Year’s Day/hungover-blob-on-the-sofa entertainment. From Writers of the Future winner T.R. Napper we’ve got a hard bitten sci-fi piece where George, a cage fighter, finds himself under the heavy boot of Hope Corporation in The Line. Next up is another sci-fi piece — a tip of the glass to MMORPGs — where a young drone pilot works through his boyhood issues in…

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2 thoughts on “Pre-Order issue #2 of Grimdark Magazine today!

    • jeremyszal says:

      Hey Layla, no worries! I’m stoked to be sharing the issue with you and the likes of Bakker, Morgan and Hurley. ^^
      And I’m not sure actually, lol. I found it on google wallpapers ages okay and I’ve had it ever since…

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