New Releases!

First of all, I just want to say that I hope you all are having fabulous holidays with family and friends. And of course reading plenty of books and doing your own writing. No excuses! That 1000+ page fantasy epic is calling!

Anyway, I haven’t been having the best of luck in the fiction department (except with reprints). However, I have managed to get into two of my favourite markets and snag some awesome cover art in the meanwhile. Many thanks to my editors, Andy Coughlan, Adrian Collins and Iulian Ionescu for taking up my work and publishing me in your magazines. You have my eternal gratitude.

They are as follows:

Grimdark Magazine Issue #2

10866671_732320576852989_874883597_nWow. This is quite a big one for me. They’re a new publication, but a professional one. They’ve published (be it fiction, interviews, what have you) authors like Joe Abercrombie Mark Lawrence, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Richard K. Morgan, R Scott Bakker, and Karemon Hurley, the last three of which I’ll be sharing the issue with, which is INCREDIBLE. I’ve been a fan of Bakker for a long time, so being able to have my name next to his is very gratifying. For this issue I did a review of Karen Miller’s The Falcone Throne, which I received an ARC of. You’ll be able to pick up the issue on Janurary 1, here.

Fantasy Scroll Mag Issue #4


I’ve been trying to get into this one for a while. It wasn’t easy: I mean, they’ve published the likes of Cat Rambo, Ken Liu, and Piers Anthony. However, I did manage to worm my way into the fourth issue with a review of Joe Abercrombie’s Half A King. Included are other awesome works by Seth Chambers, Cat Rambo, and Rachel Pollack, as well as reviews of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and a handful of interviews. It’s a great issue, and you can pick it up from a variety of your favourite retailers, or even directly from the site, here.

The New Accelerator Issue #2

B4rpjldCcAAIZD0.png largeThis cover art is pretty awesome, you’ve got to admit. It’s basically got a reprint of my story, A Dome of Chrome, which, might I add, snagged an Honourable Mention from Writers of the Future contest. The issue can be picked up from the Apple store, or the Google play store if you’re into androids.

Well, that’s it for now. I doubt I’ll get anymore sales this year (although no doubt some more rejections are on their way). I’m approaching the one year anniversary of being a published author soon, so I’ll take this opportunity to thank everyone that’s helped and supported me over the years, as well as all the editors and publishers who have taken me on.

Thanks for reading, and have a great holiday!


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