Review – Blindspace by Jeremy Szal

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Big, brutal and bloody, Jeremy Szal’s sequel is a hefty chunk of sci-fi brimming with action. Fair warning, if you haven’t yet read Stormblood, there are spoilers ahead.

After surviving the House of Suns initial attack and having saved his brother’s life, Vakov Fukasawa is back hunting down drug dealers, leading his fire team on dangerous missions. Compass, home to all manner of human and alien life, is an asteroid of epic proportions; lavish and breath-taking one minute and deadly dangerous the next. It’s a place where the elite of the galaxy gather just as readily as the dregs – the dealers, smugglers and outlaws.

In amongst all this thronging madness, Vakov is searching for a way to free his brother from prison. But, the House of Suns is serious business and the cult has its claws in all manner of dirty business. Not least dealing the very stormtech…

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