Shapers of Worlds Part II Anthology needs YOU on Kickstarter

While I’m primary writing (and known for) my long-form science-fiction, I’m still actively writing short stories, should a kind and generous editor get in touch with me.

The Shapers of Worlds Part II anthology is one such anthology that I’m part of this year. It contains a story set outside of the Common universe, and is a story I very much could *not* write within that setting. It’s a Barsoom-influenced science-fantasy set on a desert planet and is the closest thing I’ll ever come to writing a Western.

But to make that story a reality, The Shapers of Worlds Part II needs to be funded on Kickstarter. I’m apart of the line-up, along with two dozen other awesome authors, including the prestigious likes of Garth Nix, Tim Pratt, Tanya Huff.

To backers of a certain level, I’m also offering signed bookplates that I’ll post to you anywhere in the world. So, if having my chicken scrawl defacing your copy of STORMBLOOD, this anthology, or any other sounds good to you, there’s a chance to grab one here.

Either way, please do consider backing this anthology.

You can find it here.


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