What I’m Reading, and my conversion (not quite) to Audible

I’ve been reading quite a lot lately. Or rather, listening a lot, since I got Audible and have been tearing through books on the day job. I’d never be able to get through 3 books a week like this. So far I’ve gone through The Quantum Thief (loved it), The Ocean At The End of the Lane (enjoyed it very much) and I’m halfway through Andy Weir’s Artemis (which is…okay so far). There’s so many books I want to get through but don’t have the time to read at home, so I’m loving this.

Other books I’ve read in print have been Broken Monsters, (adored this dark, dark book so so much) and a re-read of the Red Rising series (quite possibly my favourite series ever). I’ve suffered through too many awful and boring reads (looking at you, Provenance) to sit through books I don’t enjoy.

But now I’ve got Audible, and am being smarter about checking out books before I buy, (yeah, the cool kids use the library) I’m tearing through these books. And I always leave reviews on Goodreads and Amazon to support the authors and publishers (and you should, too).


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