WorldCon 75 Photos

So. Some photos from WorldCon. Blog post with more details (and some thoughts on my identity as a writer and what changed with my first con) incoming, but for now, these photos. Missing you all you mad, amazing people already.

Codex breakfast. Without the breakfast.


First con problems.

Me, Navah Wolfe, Ben Kinney and Elizabeth Bear casually hanging out:


Some panels: Ken Liu, Ellen Datlow and other smart people talking editing.

Mr. Abercrombie, and others…

Audience for my first panel EVAR:

Audience for my second panel EVAR. People actually came, asked smart questions, and my use of “word vomit” made everyone laugh.

Oh, yeah.


Shea’s looking….very much alive at the Hugos presentation award ceremony.


The photo ceremony:

Casually chatting with Walter Jon Williams.

Let’s play a game. It’s like Where’s Wally, but instead it’s “Where’s GRRM?”

Chinese SF party:

The party:

Beer and drinks with Ian McDonald himself (this man is partially why I write/read SF, I can die happy now.)


Also, I think I know this guy. He wrote Beauty and the Beast, I think.dgxeut1xsaabd1c

Thanks to everyone involved for making my first WorldCon an incredible one. You were all so wonderful and generous and awesome. Cheers.






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