StarShipSofa: Slush Update #2

Alright guys, a few updates before the new year.

District of Wonders will be expanding in 2016, big time. <a href=’’>Tales to Terrify</a> now has a wikipedia page, we’re very likely going to get more staff on board, get new narrators, etc. We’ll be sharing these narrators, working much more closely together, and a bunch of other projects that we can’t tell you about just yet.

As I said, we’re bringing in more narrators, some of which are actors (!!!). If you would like to narrate for us, send over your info and a sample to our address. You’ll be added it our DoW narrator database across all three podcasts. Let us know if you have any quirks (prefer not to use profanity, don’t like horror, etc) and we’ll save that too.

Onto the stories themselves: all stories up until <b>December 21</b> have been responded to. If you have not received a response, you are in the hold pile. There are some brilliant stories in here. Me and Ralph are finding it hard to let go of them.

But please, do send more stories in. The self-published body horror-avalanche is starting to outweigh the proper stories and that worries us. Please help purge this evil from the slush! I literally got three porn stories are one point (and all of them were boring as hell). Please send your stuff in, or let people know that we’re open.

For what it’s worth, I’m seeing a <i>lot </i>of robot consciousness stories. A lot. I’m a fan of the sub-genre, but it gets hard to pick when I get five in a row.

That’s all for now guys. Let me know if you have any questions or queries. But know that our line up for 2016 is looking very, very sweet indeed.


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