Anthology acceptance and other bits and bobs

So, something quite interesting happened this morning. I rolled out of bed, dreading the walk through the rain to get to my first uni class at around 9am. Anyway, as always, I checked my email, expecting more spam and a possible reply to a submission I sent out. Well, I did have one. And it turns out it was an acceptance, by Barbwire Butterflies (an imprint of Horrifying Press) for their Woods themed anthology. As you can imagine, I was ecstatic. My excitement increased when I discovered that my story, Murder of Crows, will be printed in paperback, online as an e-book, inside the Woods anthology.
This was by far the best news I’ve had since my first publication back in June 2013. Being part of such a big press and in print (meaning it’ll be in stores) was something I could barely comprehend. As you can imagine, my classes suffered as a result.

I just wish more people wrote this stuff and it was studied more frequently. Of course, according to (the majority of) my lecturers and teachers, I shouldn’t be wasting time with such “non-literature” nonsense like fantasy and sci-fi and should focus on “serious” fiction instead like dysfunctional families, cheating wives and coming of age stories. That’s where the real creativity and imagination comes from.
It’s true, I shouldn’t be wasting my time with that mindless nonsense trash about space, magic and castles. But honestly, it’s occurred to me that I’m just not smart enough for that other “high” literature. It seems that I’m going to have to stick with the dumbed down speculative and genre fiction for now.

Alright, enough sarcasm. Check the other stuff by Barbwire Butterflies out and look out for the Woods themed anthology later this year!

Also, in other news, I saw Noah last night. Not bad at all, really. Hollywoodized, of course. But not bad at all. Otherwise I’m just rummaging through hidden second hand shops, looking for literary/film treasures left behind by ungrateful human beings. I picked up these:

Not bad, eh?
Anyway, thanks for readin’, folks.


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