Virtual event: Blindspace US launch with Mysterious Galaxy

The good folks over at the excellent US-based bookstore Mysterious Galaxy are hosting a virtual event for the US launch of Blindspace. I’ll be chatting with my friend/nemesis Richard Swan, the author of The Justice of Kings. You can attend the event for free, but you have to register.

Come along and watch me and Richard duel verbally to the death. There will be scintillating questions and compelling responses on the subject of all things Stormblood, Blindspace, and science-fiction in general. And, of course, buy a book. All books by me will be signed, because I love you all that much.

Details and links below!

Click here for the event page and to register!

Stormblood US Book Launch with Mysterious Galaxy

The great Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore is hosting the virtual US launch of STORMBLOOD tonight, on April 6 at 7pm PT, along with my good mate Jackson Ford, aka Rob Boffard. It’s free to attend, so if you’re keen to watch us talk nonsense about beers and books and roast each other senseless, do come along.

The link to register for the event is here.

Oh, and all copies of STORMBLOOD with Mysterious Galaxy will include signed bookplates, since I know some of you guys like that.

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