Ebook Sale: Scream in Blue

As some of you good people already know, I self-published a novella called Scream in Blue. It’s set in the world of The Common, but takes place before the events of Stormblood. It’s got a new cast of characters, a new setting, but the same old style and sense of adventure and danger.

For a limited time, the novella is now on sale for the low low price of $0.99 cents. Which means it’s virtually for free. So if you’re looking for a little dip back into the world of the Common, or want to try a little sample of Szal, you can do that for less than the price of a 7/11 slushie.

Amazon US link

Amazon UK link.

Blindspace on sale, and US Book launch

So! BLINDSPACE is just $1.99 on eBook for today only! That’s 1 cent for every three pages. If you haven’t grabbed the book yet, now’s the perfect time, because the book has never been cheaper.

Click here, or on the book, to get it!

If you’re in the UK, it’s been discounted to 3.99 quid, which is still a damn good deal for a book that took me three years to write and edit.

Otherwise, the mass market paperback edition of Blindspace has dropped! So if you’ve got the paperback version of Stormblood and you’re wanting to make sure all the book sizes align on the shelf, you can now fulfill that one little desire.

I’m launching Blindspace in the US in late November, courtesy of the fabulous people of the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore.

Joining me to launch the book will be Richard Swan, the author of The Justice of Kings. Event page and details here.

Feel free to heckle us with awkward, tricky questions (although we’ll be free to ignore them or provide ridiculous answers.)

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