Now live: essay at Lightspeed’s PoC Destroy SF

So, my essay “We’re Going Places” is now up over at Lightspeed’s People of Colo(u)r Destroy SF. It’s part of their Kickstarter and will be part of their paperback anthology, forthcoming in June 2016.

The essay is about my history with science-fiction and what it meant to me – and what it stills means to me, my (very) complicated relationship with the term “people of colour” and the toxicity that is American standards of diversity. I normally do not get involved in issues such as these, but I felt I had something worthwhile to contribute, and I was lucky enough to be a part of it.

This discussion mainly stemmed from my dislike of the ludicrous term “people of colour” and subsequently what’s even more cringeworthy, “man of colour” and “creator of colour”. I’ve been called all of these things and honestly, it’s felt more of an insult than a compliment.

It’s also partially because how toxic American standards of diversity (or anything, really) can be. Whenever I tried to raise this issue or stick my head out and ask why I got my teeth kicked in by Americans who wanted to upload their monolithic, one-note and American definition of diversity that extends to everyone on the globe. There hasn’t been so much irony around since people started dying in living rooms.

But enough of that, I’ll let the essay speak for itself. Many thanks to my line-editor, Sunil Patel, as well as Wendy Wagner and John Joseph Adams for accepting me and publishing my essay. I’ve been trying to break into Lightspeed/Nightmare for ages, and now I’ve finally done it. They’ve made me feel very welcome. And better yet, I’ve had a very, very good response to the essay so far. Very awesome to come back to.

So far my work is sharing space with Alyssa Wong, Alliette de Bodard, Ken Liu, Nalo Hopkinson and a whole heap of others. And this is without seeing the cover art, the fiction, the rest of the essays, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing it all in the upcoming months.

Also, if you could support the Kickstarter that would be truly awesome. A lot of effort from a lot of people went into making this, so help would be appreciated.

Oh, and don’t forget to read my essay!