Novels and WIPs

I’ve got a few novels baking in the oven. Here are my current projects.

Current project: Title TBA
A dystopian heist novel, where a crew of misfits has to band together in a universe that’s shattered by time and space to steal an impossible object. Only, the whole crew is missing, and it’s up to the leader to get them together again. Red Rising meets Oceans 11.

Stormblood (science-fiction – spacepunk).
The Wire meets Mass Effect, centering on former soldier addicted to alien drugs.

The Rogue Galaxy (Adult space opera noir) Polished and finished edits.
A murder mystery set in a future space-faring society on the brink of civil war.


Novels in Trunk:

Ark of Bones (YA science-fiction, 75k). Completed and edited.
A young man caught in a future society where humans and aliens, dubbed “nonhumans” live in extreme segregation.

Red Storms ( YA fantasy, 90k). First draft completed, on hold for now.
A fantasy inspired by Slavic and Eurasian folklore.



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