With Blindspace’s release on the horizon, I thought I’d answer a few questions that I’ve been getting every so often . . .

When is the release date?

At this point, November 25. But it’s possible that could change to very early next year. But soon. Very soon.

How many pages is it?

A whopping 670 pages, although I haven’t seen a printed version to confirm. This makes it 140 pages longer than STORMBLOOD.

Is Colin Mace narrating the audiobook again?

He sure is! I can’t wait to hear him breathe life into my little dottings and make me sound classy.

Is it the final book in the series?

Hell no! It’s the second book in The Common trilogy, with another book to come (a book I should be writing now, actually). I have three books planned, but enough story for four. We shall see.

Why is it called BLINDSPACE?

As with STORMBLOOD, I choose my titles very deliberately. You’ll find out how BLINDSPACE earned its title soon after reading the book.


Thanks for asking! It’s available for pre-order in all the usual places: Amazon, Audible, Waterstones, Forbidden Planet, etc.

Where can I get a signed edition?

I’ll also be doing some signings for all bookstores down here in Sydney, when the time comes. But Galaxy Bookshop is guaranteed to have signed stock by me, so if you order with them I’ll make sure I deface your copy, should it please you.

Will there be ARCS?

There won’t be any printed ARCs. But early review copies will be released on NetGalley UK by the end of September, and you’ll have to request there to get an early reader copy. I have no control over who gets their request accepted, however.

Will there be a hardback run?

Yes! Goldsboro are doing a limited, signed hardback release, just as they did with STORMBLOOD. I’d recommend signing up to their newsletter, to be sure you don’t miss out. There will not be any other hardback edition editions. I’ve come across sellers claiming to sell new hardback editions of my books and I can guarantee you that they’re bogus. The Goldsboro editions are the only hardbacks in existence, and they’re all signed.

Will it be released in the US/Canada?

Yes, it will! It’ll be the same day as the Commonwealth countries, for ebook and audio. Print is another matter. I’ll keep you all posted on when that changes.

But I live in the US and my life means nothing without a print copy!

Fear not! You can always order here from Book Depository and get free worldwide shipping!

Who designed the cover art?

The good folks over at BlackSheep take full responsibility for their stunning work on my covers.

Will I suffer?

Yes. But you already knew that, right?

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