Story Release: What the Darkness Asks in Return

Another story, pulled from my brain and splashed in a gory mess onto the page, has been released into the wild that is the internet. It’s one of the shorter ones I’ve written, and was based on a prompt on a writer’s forum, where we had to write a flash piece revolving around a teleporting door. A little over a year later with some edits, this is the result, published at Every Day Fiction.

It’s about portal to a rip in space-time, disguised as a door, that a 13 year-old boy uses to hide from his step-brother. Only, as you may guess from the title, it wants something back. I wanted to try writing it in the voice of a timid teenager, with minimalist, juvenile descriptions of the speculative element. It’s a meager 800 words, so do check it out.

It can be read over here.

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