Story publication: Dead Men Walking

My first story of 2018, Dead Men Walking, it out from Abyss & Apex in Issue 65, Q1.

It’s not easy to live inside the armor, but between getting my skin peeled away like wet paper by the razorstorms and my bones shredded to chalk, it’s an easy choice. You get used to it after the first two or three months, but only just.

It’s a space opera/military story on the edge of the galaxy, characters who get a little too close to technology for comfort./

I wrote this back in 2014, so it was quite the experiment to see just how far I’ve changed as a writer, and I was very glad I was able to do some last minute edits on this, and closer revolve scenery and mannerisms around character reactions, rather than just static descriptions. And it stands, it’s one of my favourite stories and one of my best executed endings.

And after getting 60+ rejections over three years,  including a Finalist position from Writers of the Future, which is ultimately lost, I’m stoked that it’s finally out in the world. Do check it out, and support Abyss & Apex while you’re at it.



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