What I’m Reading, and my conversion (not quite) to Audible

I’ve been reading quite a lot lately. Or rather, listening a lot, since I got Audible and have been tearing through books on the day job. I’d never be able to get through 3 books a week like this. So far I’ve gone through The Quantum Thief (loved it), The Ocean At The End of the Lane (enjoyed it very much) and I’m halfway through Andy Weir’s Artemis (which is…okay so far). There’s so many books I want to get through but don’t have the time to read at home, so I’m loving this.

Other books I’ve read in print have been Broken Monsters, (adored this dark, dark book so so much) and a re-read of the Red Rising series (quite possibly my favourite series ever). I’ve suffered through too many awful and boring reads (looking at you, Provenance) to sit through books I don’t enjoy.

But now I’ve got Audible, and am being smarter about checking out books before I buy, (yeah, the cool kids use the library) I’m tearing through these books. And I always leave reviews on Goodreads and Amazon to support the authors and publishers (and you should, too).

Ark of Bones now available! In audio!


A very, very belated post: but my short story “Ark of Bones” is now available in audio over at StarShipSofa in episode 509. It’s narrated by the wonderful Mikael Naramore, who’s narrated audiobooks by Clive Barker, Nora Roberts, Wesley Chu, and other writers much more talented than me.

His buttery man vocals bring the story to life in ways that put a stupid grin on my face, and I usually can’t listen to audio adaptations of my work. But this one, I’m very much able to hear his rendition of my characters again and again.

This is the short-story version of the YA SF novel that almost got an agent, but didn’t. I was cut up about it, but not enough that I was done with the world. It wouldn’t leave my brain, even a year after the final rejections came through. So I decided to write a shorter, tighter version (and one with a much better endings, methinks). Humans have occupied over the planet of Arkaeyus and segregated the native aliens into a filthy refugee camp that’s getting smaller and smaller as the paramilitary slowly eat away at their rights. This story focuses on a human and his best mate, who happens to be one of these aliens and their investigation as more of these aliens start to disappear.

It’s a little strange, having a story appear at a podcast I edit. I’m very aware of how prevalent nepotism is in this industry. Tony read one of my stories a few months back in the anthology he published, and was interested in putting it on the show. But the rights were taken up, and he asked if I had anything else. I offered up another story on the condition that he decide whether or not it was good enough. He thought it was. I was a hesitant (againn, nepotism), but since this was a solicited piece, and I wasn’t the one making the decision whether it’d run or not, I decided to go through with it.

So. It’s now finally available to stream into your earholes worldwide. It’s one of my favourite stories, and it went through multiple drafts before I even started polishing it.

I first started building this world it during university classes back in 2013, so seeing it all finally come to life in audio is is something pretty special. 🙂


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