For your consideration: StarShipSofa for a Hugo

So, ‘tis that time o’ year again. The team at District of Wonders wanted to let you fine fine people know that StarShipSofa is eligible for the Hugo Award in the BEST FANCAST category this year. Not BEST FANZINE, the award we won it for back in 2010, but BEST FANCAST.

So what did StarShipSofa do in 2015?

We did many, many things. We resurrected and played a story by the legendary creator of Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin. The story was first published in 70s and had been out of print since then – we were the first ones to ever put it online in any format. Our production of the story got the seal of approval from the man himself.

We also played a story by the god of cyberpunk, William Gibson. We played fiction by Norman Spinrad, Robin Hobb, Kim Stanley Robinson, Peter Watts, R. Scott Bakker, Carrie Vaughn, Paul Levinson, Allen Steele, Karen Lord, Neal Asher, Peter F. Hamilton and dozens and dozens of others. Each week we released another story out into the world. Every single one of these stories was narrated by some of the biggest voice actors in the short fiction business, including film actors, threatre performers and voice over artists.

We interviewed Andy Weir, author of The Martian. We interviewed Ellen Datlow, Joe Abercrombie, Becky Chambers, Seth Shostak (director of SETI), Ana Matronic, and Christoph Riley, a professor at NASA, to name a few.

We opened up to unsolicited submissions for the first time, our sister site Far Fetched Fables following suit.  We added two new staff members to our rosters and hired over twenty five extra narrators to our databases, and counting. Hundreds of people worked on StarShipSofa in 2015, which is super awesome in of itself.

All of our episodes published in 2015 can be found here. To be more specific, everything between episode #369 to episode #416.

If you believe that StarShipSofa is worthy of a Hugo award in the BEST FANCAST category, your consideration would be very much appreciated. Voting closes on March 31, so whatever your choice get them votes in quick. You can vote over here.

On the same note, we’re also up on the Locus poll for best magazine/fanzine. Again, do toss in your vote to the venue you feel the most deserving. You can do that here.

That’s all folks!



PS: Actually I lied. That’s not all. Below are the following reprints that StarShipSofa published in audio that were first released in 2015. At this point the list is not complete, but these will be added later. Again, if you feel these stories deserve a nod, you know what to do.

Karma Among the Cloud Kings by Brian Trent
The Merger by Sunil Patel
An Immense Darkness by Eric James Stone
The End of the War by Django Wexler
Between Screens by Zach Chapman
Price of Allegiance by Alex Shvartsman
Redemption Awaits by Mike Brooks
Behind the First Years by Stewart C. Baker
Usher by Jay Werkheiser
12 and Tag by Gregory Bossert
A Forgone Conclusion by Connor and Sylvia Spruck Wrigley



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