My interview with the Lord Grimdark/Joe Abercrombie

A little late with posting this, but life’s been hectic. Very hectic,

Anyway, our latest episode over at StarShipSofa is very special. Why? Not only do we have a fantastic short story by Peter F. Hamilton, but we also have an interview with Mr. Joe Abercrombie, the Lord Grimdark himself.


We chatted about his books, his jagged prose style, the way he approaches fantasy as a whole, why he choose to write homages to other genres, why the Shattered Seas trilogy was so different to the First Law, and mostly importantly, why a long-time fantasy writer decided to set his latest books in a post-apocalyptic setting and use elements of science-fiction. The answers are all there. Oh yeah, it’s an hour long.

I started reading his books back in 2012 and was absolutely blown away by them. His down to earth prose, his raw and unapologetic characters, his livid battle scenes, his witty humour, all of it just captured me from the very start. I can’t even say what an honour it was to speak with him for over an hour face to face (we actually did meet in Sydney, where we arranged the interview). I doubt you’ll ever be seeing this, but thank you again, Joe. It was an absolutely pleasure, and I hope it is not the last time we have it.

Anyway, do check it out, for it is awesome. The link is here.


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