What’s next?

Things have been a little quite on the publishing front. Far quieter than I’d like. I haven’t sold much fiction in a while now. Almost fearing I’ve lost my touch. Of course, my energy has been focused primarily on my novel, which has received four partials and one full request to date (which I’m waiting to hear back on). And I’m targeting the pro/semi pro markets exclusively.

However, the nonfiction department has been pretty good. Really, really good. I recently sold to Strange Horizons and Grimdark Magazine in the form of reviews, and I have another review coming out from Fantasy Scroll Magazine in the near future, as well as writing up a article for Grimdark Magazine Issue #4. What about, may you ask? Well, that’s a secret. For now. But all shall be revealed soon enough.

In other news, after several months of holiday, I’m back at uni next week. Sigh. Two 13 week periods of essays, lectures, exams, notes, classes and more. Really exciting stuff. It is my final year, though. And if this whole thing with the agent goes well, I could even leave early and just write full time. That’s just a dream, of course. But it’s plausible.

My first novel had over 100+ rejections. No fulls, no partials, nothing but form rejections left right and center.

The very, very first query I sent out for this second novel received a partial request. Ultimately the agent said no, but it was still mind-blowing. And I’m not giving up. Not by a longshot.

I just hope you’re all there to see it through with me.

Interview: Mark Lawrence- What’s Next?

What’s next for one of fantasy’s brightest stars?

The Grimdark Review

So word has it you’re becoming a full-time writer, are you excited at the prospect? Do you intend to stick with fantasy or write for other genres?

I’ve been writing a book and a bit a year for the past five years or so, and I’m not sure the change will make a huge difference … except I won’t have to cycle five miles to work whatever the weather and ‘do science’ during the day. I’ll probably just get fat and play more PS4.

I don’t plan much of anything. I generally only plan books when I want a publisher to buy them before they’re written, and then I tend never to look at the plan again. So saying what I intend to write in years to come is a tall order. Easier to say that I like variety, so I may well try a children’s book, or a science fiction book…

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StarShipSofa and Hugo nominations

So it’s time of year again when the awards season start opening up, allowing people to nominate stories, podcasts, films, magazines, what have you, for various awards. This time it’s the Hugo award, something that StarShipSofa won back in 2010.

Now, I obviously wasn’t editing the podcast at that point, but even today the thing is a big task to handle. We’re not a paying podcast, and we don’t profit either (in fact it actually costs me cash just for online storage to keep stories and recording safe). Not that it is about the money, of course, but it’s still a hell of a thing to manage, especially as I’m a full time student, have a part time job, and do my own writing in the meanwhile. There’s soliciting submissions, reading unsolicited submissions (you’d be surprised how many I get, and from big, big authors, too) getting the rights to the stories, contacting audio narrators, waiting for them to get back to me, listening to their recordings, working with them to improve their narrations, sorting out files, organizing each and every week’s line up, blah, blah, blah. First world problems and all that.

But you know what? I enjoy doing it. I really do, and I’ll continue to keep doing it for as long as I can.

So what’s the point of this? Well, if you are a listener of the podcast (and why wouldn’t you be?), and really enjoy the poetry, interviews, nonfiction, stories, articles, science news, and all that jazz that we have to offer, I’d encourage you to slot us in your Hugo ballot.

More details can be read here. I’m not legible to vote (I’m not sure if it’s very ethical, voting for the podcast you help run), but if you are, then please do vote for us, or anyone else who you feel deserves your vote. Be fair. There are some fantastic magazines out there, still running strong for decades.

But if you feel that we deserve your vote, then that’s cool as well. But foremost, my goal is to make this podcast the best it can be, for fans of science-fiction, by fans of science-fiction. To have big author, like the ones we’ve had on already such as Sanderson, Moorcock, Hamilton, Watts, Asher, Stross, Lindholm, Levine, Baker, Watson, Gaiman and dozens of others. To introduce new and fresh voices that have never hit big before. To give people countless hours of entertainment and take them to places that only science-fiction and fantasy can take them to.

That’s what I want to do. And I hope you’ll join me and the hundreds of others already on board.

– Jeremy Szal

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