Far too much work, and a new novel

You know when you hit a certain point in your studies/work when you really don’t care how it’ll turn out; you just want it to be over and done with so it can go to hell/the rubbish bin/the back of your memories?

Yeah? You know that feeling? Great. So do I. I’ve having it right now.

And it’s not even half way through the semester….*sigh*

In others words I’ve been as busy as I’ve ever been. My gaming and reading time has taken a massive slash and reduced to the bare minimum. All my teachers seem to love giving me the toughest assignments in the sane bloody week. It’s a real turn off.

But when I do have a few spare moments (note: very few) it’s spend reading a little Raymond E Feist, re-playing Silent Hill: Downpour (I never actually finished it the first time; it was too scary), and of course, writing. I’m working on a new novel that’s aimed more at young adults than mature audiences. I’m 20,000 words in so far. I can’t tell you much, but it is sci-fi, and has lots of aliens. And violence. Otherwise I’m silent.

Oh, one more thing: I’ve had two of my short stories published in the local university paper and online. They’ll be available soon.

At this point it’s safe to say I’m a published author. 🙂

Take care everyone!


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