My on-going writing life.

Yeah, I’m new to WordPress, but not new to the blogsphere, nor am I new to writing. Not that new anyway.
Now I’ll bore you with my life for a little bit. I’m currently a university student in Sydney, Australia. I’m studying Arts majoring in Film and Creative Writing.

Anyway, I’ve been writing for quite a bit now. I wrote a few crime/thriller books when I was around 13 years old. Needless to say I’m embarrassed to even mention that they even exist. I thought it was the next Bones until I grew up and scrapped it. Then I tried again with the same genre. I experimented with it for about a year or two then chucked it out. I stopped writing around 2010 for a while so I could re-think my style and what I wanted to write about. I was bored with crime and mysteries. There was no room to move or think freely. I decided to try my hand in fanfiction, which went well for a few years, but there are so many Fanfics you can write about that captivate your interest for a long enough time. So I stopped that.

However,my fanfiction writing whetted my appetite for genre fiction such as horror, science fiction, fantasy and post-Apocalypse. In my HSC (Year 12 of school for you Americans) I wrote a fantasy novel, but my studies prevented me from working on it further, so I dropped it. God knows where it’s buried in my hard drive. Anyway, since I was doing English Extension 2 I had to submit a short story as part of my course. I wrote a horror tale that was a B grade version of Silent Hill. Looking back I’m so proud of it, but it got me started in new genres.

Finally I settled for writing science-fiction. It’s a full length novel that takes place from various point of views, including the perspectives of alien characters. It’s a morally ambiguous world where violence, war, betrayal and revenge know no bounds. No character is completely good or completely bad.

Guess what?
It worked.

It took months of my spare time when I could have been watching Game of Thrones, but I completed the manuscript at 160k of words. I looked back at it and noticed it had too many characters and was too complicated. I went back and cut about 30k of words out and tied up all the loose ends.

So I’ve been sitting on it for a while now, editing it up between lectures and re-writing chapters in the middle of the night. I’ve been looking for an agent/publisher to take it on, but with no luck thus far, although I got very close at one point. Very.

Anyway, that’s my writing life shoved down a funnel and splattered into a simple blog. I’m more than happy to answer any questions or parts of my work to anyone who is interested. (You probably aren’t, but still.)

You are free to stalk me.

– JS


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